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App development from UW Oshkosh provides oversee opportunity for parents

Dayne Rusch, a senior at UW Oshkosh, recently developed a phone application that allows for parents to monitor and limit social media usage on their children's phones. Rusch recognizes that today's youth tend to find solace in social media rather than in personal human connection, and hopes that with the help of his new app that teens will turn towards social interactions in place of social media. 

Not only does the application allow for parental supervision and control, but it also gives users the opportunity to check their various social media platforms on one app rather than by browsing through multiple apps at a time. Moreover, after researching the topic, Rusch discovered that kids spend about two hours a day on social media and is optimistic that his new app will help reduce that statistic over time. 

Learn more about Rusch's app here