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Antarctic analysis administered by UW Oshkosh alum

During the 2013-2014 drilling season, UW Oshkosh alum Jason Coenen made a visit to Antarctica to gain a more in-depth understanding of the Earth's evolving climate. Coenen received high praise for his work, as it was deemed a difficult topic to research. He used his time in Antarctica to look at diatoms in basins in west Antarctica, which helped him reconstruct the history of evolution over the past 100 years. Coenen's findings provide researchers with the opportunity to hypothesize about the ways in which ice is responding to the current global warming, giving us a better understanding of what the future of Antarctica more accurately holds.

Coenen's old geology professor at UW Oshkosh,Timothy Paulsen, is thrilled to see one of his students participating in such important research. Paulsen admires Coenen's work as an independent, critical thinking scientist and is elated to see what will come of it. Overall, Coenen's work in Antartica will allow for predictions to be made about how the environment will react to global warming and subsequently permit for new solutions to be explored.

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