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Aging analysis opens eyes at national NCFR conference

Photo courtesy of UW-Stout Spotlight

With the help of Associate Professor Amanda Barnett, a UW-Stout senior majoring in human development and family studies, Bethany Tennison, presented findings upon analyzing publications from the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR). Tennison found that a measly 9% of articles produced by NCFR dealt with issues on aging and family life. As a nursing home administrator hopeful, Tennison was taken aback by this, which drove her to present her research at the national conference in Orlando, FL. 

Upon hearing her findings, the NCFR opened their eyes to their, perhaps unintentional, ageism, and is seeking out ways to adjust their content to avoid that practice from now on. Tennison's research made a profound impact on members of the NCFR and is being considered for possible publication in one of the NCFR journals in the future.

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