Competing Teams

2020 Lineup

Didómi LLC

Lamah Bility, Anaa Jibicho
UW-River Falls

Didómi LLC is dedicated to combating the water crisis in developing countries by providing fashionable reusable water bottles. Every bottle provides 10 years of clean water for a person who needs it the most. Didómi is focused on changing the world through giving. The company intends to make caring for the planet, and the people in it, a priority.


Logan Holbrook, Katelyn Desrochers 
UW-Green Bay

G-Pods are a hearing-aid with life-alert like functionality. G-Pods are marketed towards people who are currently or will become hearing-impaired. The product features many sensors to monitor the user's health data, and in the case of an emergency, will contact local authorities about the user's situation.


Loren Nelson, Jonathan Brown

Lëvor is an organic hair care company looking to desegregate the haircare industry by providing hair care for all hair types while embracing the beauty of all races and ethnicities. 

Local2You LLC

Noah Redfearn, Emily Walczak, Madeline Yoss  
UW-Green Bay

Local2You is an online service providing quality assessment, marketing tools and online sales to entrepreneurs and inventors looking to reach virtual markets.


Ian McDonald, Abbie Merrill

Prexo is a political app that tracks executive orders. The app allows users to create an account that is tailored to specific issues they would like to track. For example, if the President signs an executive order around environmental issues, users with accounts interested in environmental policy receive a notification outlining the executive order. 

Spark Convos, LLC

Mary Cait McManamon
UW-Eau Claire

Spark Convos, LLC is an online organization committed to sparking in-person connections. The app fosters face-to-face connections by selling apparel that inspires conversations. To help people focus on their similarities instead of their differences, Spark Convos’ brand is rooted in values such as love, self-confidence and living life to the fullest that anyone—no matter their political or religious beliefs—can appreciate.

20 Credit Studios

Justin Bryant, Katelyn Zenz

20 Credit Studios seeks to make games that are fun and enjoyable for a wide audience and address the problems within the product development cycle industry. Such problems include addressing crunch and work/life balance issues, as well as formulating a tight, consistent feedback loop with consumers.