Competing Teams


Campus: UW-River Falls
Team members: Nathaniel Wenner
AgSpy is a precision agriculture company that analyzes drone images to detect and identify pests in a crop field. It then provides farmers with the information needed to take care of these pests.

Blugold Roast

Campus: UW-Eau Claire
Team members: Tyler Anderson Jacob, Shawna Stoll and Charlotte Stemwedal
We are a University of Wisconsin Eau Claire branded coffee business, that strives to give students real life entrepreneurial experience.


Campus: UW-Milwaukee
Team members: Jared Judge (pictured) and Jordan Hirsch
BookLive is an app that makes live entertainment and performances more accessible by empowering entertainers and event planners to form strong partnerships. BookLive’s vision is to be the leader in entertainment and talent booking. Our goal is to provide a seamless and straightforward booking process for all involved in the business of live entertainment.

Chell Co.

Campus: UW-River Falls
Team members: Kathleen Miller-Chell and Katelyn Bares
Chell Co seeks to save you money with The Study Buddy. A highlighter and pen combo with inks that will fade over time, so you can take notes in textbooks, without having the books lose resale value.


Campus: UW-Green Bay
Team members: Omar Al Amerecany
ECO-RL is a recyclable plastic layer that covers the surface of your plate while you eat, keeping it clean and shiny. This will decrease a huge amount of water wasted in restaurants, kitchens, campuses and households while washing the dishes. It will also save our customer's time, effort and money.

Efoxen LLC

Campus: UW-Parkside
Team members: Cassie Van Hoof
Efoxen LLC is dedicated to enriching the process of working with animals via owners, rescues, & vets. Purrfect Pal is a safe alternative to the dangerous product Feliway.

Indie Homes

Campus: UW-Milwaukee
Team members: Alycia Doxon
Houser is an innovated flat fee listing site for residential real estate sellers.


Campus: UW-Stout
Team members: Leah McNutt, Louis Bischel and Dacia Sjolund
Our company works to solve the problem of waste produced in the 3D printing pipeline. To address this problem, we have come up with a machine that allows a user to input waste to be upcycled back into usable filament for their 3D printer.


Campus: UW-La Crosse
Team members: Anthony Volk, Steven Lee and Elyse Janikian
The Sipp mobile "app" will be developed to enhance customer service in the food and beverage industry. This business will modernize customer interaction and reduce congestion by reaching today's customers most effectively.


Campus: UW-Whitewater
Team members: Kristen Holtan
Socialightz brings a new dimension to longboarding and snowboarding through LED lighting kits that offer safety and style benefits, while creating awareness of social issues.

Upright Kids

Campus: UW Oshkosh
Team members: Dylan Parks and Brad Ploch
Sitting for long periods of time increases your risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, back and neck pain, and other orthopedic problems. Standing desks have become very popular for adults, however there’s still no widespread solution for children, especially in the K-8 market because of the cost to implement across schools and communities. Our standing desk is made of a durable and cost effective corrugated cardboard that can be easily set up on top of the student’s desk and folded to be stored away. You can customize the height for each child, and it is affordable enough to be implemented into entire schools or to be purchased by parents.


Campus: UW-River Falls
Team members: David Till and Jen Till
Software providing validated quality medical information to Veterans and Advocates for Nexus support to aid in VA claims processing.