Competing Teams

Automated Vertical Farming

Campus: UW-Parkside
Team members: Jeremy Preischel

Currently, a significant drawback to successful vertical farming is high labor costs. Through a scalable system which is suitable for expansion, we seek to help vertical farming operations lower these costs and increase efficiency.

Elysian Eyewear

Campus: UW-Platteville
Team members: Alan Pflaum & Douglas Steinberg

Elysian Eyewear is creating a revolutionary service to enable eye-glass wearers to obtain a personal and customized pair of glasses. The main pain point that we are addressing is that many people have a hard time finding comfortable glasses to wear. They also may have an asymmetric face, which currently isn't addressed with modern eye glasses. We are solving this pain by creating glasses made specifically for you and only you. They will fit your face perfectly.

Generation of Donation

Campus: UW-River Falls
Team members: Ryan Lefto & Bryce Sanders

Generation of Donation is an app that could streamline the donation process, track useful data for donors and organizations, as well as connect donors and organizations more frequently.

Light Fruit Company

Campus: UW-Milwaukee
Team members: James Van Eerden

Light Fruit Company makes dehydrated fruit with no added ingredients. We discovered that people want convenient, healthy snacks, especially fruit. To meet this demand, we have become fruit experts and crafted a process to manufacture delicious dehydrated watermelon, honeydew melon, and cantaloupe packaged in convenient snack size pouches.

The Local Food Experiment

Campus: UW-Green Bay
Team members: Sam Hunt

The Local Food Experiment maximizes the convenience and affordability of eating highly nourishing foods made from ingredients grown on eco-friendly, chemical-free, local farms. The aim is to create a new food system to eradicate the global epidemic of food related chronic disease, eliminate agricultural water pollution, and build thriving local food economies in every community.

Pettinger Technologies

Campus: UW-La Crosse
Team members: Jack Pettinger & Jim Pettinger

Pettinger Technologies is an application development company that combines motivational behavior and a proprietary feature to promote users to utilize their technology for productive, rather than entertainment, purposes.

Pintful Peanut Butter

Campus: UW-Whitewater
Team members: Sam Lepak & Evan Laird

75% of Americans are wrong about peanut butter! Many Americans believe that peanut butter is healthy, when in fact almost all peanut butter contains unnecessary oils, preservatives, and added sugars.

Pintful’s Peanut Butter is the world's healthiest peanut butter. Not only is it high protein, vegan, but also gluten free, lactose/dairy free, non-GMO, pet-friendly, with no sugar added; making it the healthiest peanut butter on the market without compromising taste.

We offer standard and dessert-like flavors with our high protein content and organic ingredients. Products will be available for sale on our e-commerce website and Amazon.


Campus: UW-Stout
Team members: Emily Doroff & Reid Geiger

PlaySit is a yard game built into a chair for people who want to have fun, but don't have the strength to carry everything they need. Our inventor, Karen, has NET cancer and so any type of stress makes her very sick. We are helping develop and present her idea. We are donating a portion of our proceeds towards NET cancer research since only 1 percent of cancer patients have NET cancer. We are just two college students trying to help and educate others.


Campus: UW Oshkosh
Team members: Dayne Rusch

Pyxsee, a mobile application that enables users to conveniently access all of their favorite social media networks in one app, also allows parents to track the amount of time their children are spending on social media each day. Pyxsee Parental Guidance gives adults the ability to set timers and limit dependents daily usage, creating healthier social media habits in just a few easy steps.


Campus: UW-River Falls
Team members: Miles Peterson, Reid Wilson & Forrest Close

Over 25 million Americans suffer from incontinence. Many of these individuals experience issues with leakage, ease of use, poor sizing and embarrassment using the current adult briefs available on the market today.  Songen is developing a solution to address these issues and improve quality of life for incontinent individuals. Our newly designed adult brief reduces the chance of leakage by increasing the water retentive properties of the materials. The innovative design makes the product easier to use and enhances dignity for the users. With Songen‘s new and improved adult brief, incontinence is no longer a significant inconvenience.


Campus: UW-Green Bay
Team members: Rosalyn Stoa, Katherine Mikhail & AJ Jensen

Balance. Grace. Longevity. At Stability, we believe in innovation. There are over 8 million people in the United States alone that are affected by tremors. Despite that, very few technologies combat shaking hands or give dignity to the user. We created a series of products that combine the technology of other devices to create something better, something exceptional, something new. Our solutions hide in plain sight and give users their independence back. This is Stability.

Wotso Videos

Campus: UW-Eau Claire
Team members: Isaac Carlson

Wotso Videos is a YouTube channel which addresses the increase of customers online, the increase of internet users' video watch time and the lack of competition of creators discussing Disney films. The channel focuses on spreading the magic of Disney by sharing Disney theory and character full story videos. With around 3.5 million views a month, a following of over 230,000 subscribers and minimal costs, Wotso Videos has established itself into a successful niche on the world’s largest video platform.